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Amateur spaceflight? Copenhagen Suborbitals, SpaceChain Space Program give it a shot
On April 14, as recorded on the program’s Facebook page, the SpaceChain Space Program officially became the space agency of Bitnation, which, according to Bitnation’s own website, is “a collaborative platform for do-it-yourself governance” that “provides the same services traditional governments provides, from dispute resolution and insurance to security and much more – but in a geographically unbound, decentralized, and voluntary way.”

Bitcoin in space: Spacechain world’s first decentralised space agency
Bitnation, an organisation working with bitcoin, has decided that now is the time to highlight the virtues of decentralisation, with Spacechain to expand the human race throughout the universe.
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One Cheer For SpaceX - Bitnation Space Agency rated as #3 private space venture in the world.
Bitnation — a transnational network created to organize a variety of non-state governance services using the Blockchain infrastructure — has created a Bitnation Space Agency. The Agency intends to be a coordination platform for open-source space efforts around the world, and has its own Five-Year Plan for crowdfunded technology development and space missions. Iman Mirbioki (“Bitnation Space Agency,” A Blog About Nothing Particular, June 2, 2015), who co-founded the venture with Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof, estimates BSA will radically cheapen spaceflight by eliminating administrative overhead altogether (an 80% cost reduction by itself) as well as open-sourcing all technologies. Tempelhof argues that corporate efforts like SpaceX are “just the beginning of democratizing the technology”; BSA will “take it further, not just make it accessible to people outside of the government, but also make it open source, and DIY friendly” (Jamie Redman, “BitNation and Spacechain: The Mission to Decentralize Space Exploration,” Coin Telegraph, June 22, 2015).
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Bitnation Space Agency at Nothing in Particular Blog
How many supporters of the technology behind Bitcoin are also interested in extending that technology into Earth orbit? You may have heard about Jeff Garzik’s plan to launch satellites loaded with Bitcoin nodes into orbit not that long ago. The new Bitnation Space Agency is interested in taking a more active role in decentralizing space efforts. I was able to catch up with Chief Operations Officer Iman Mirbioki for a brief interview.

Bitnation Prepares Launch Of Spacechain: The First Decentralized International Space Program
Bitnation now has a space program. The Bitnation Space Agency will be headed by Iman Mirbioki and experiment with drones that fly in formations in order to develop a navigational system based on a new type of Fiber Optic Gyroscopes (FOG).

BitNation & Spacechain: The Mission to Decentralize Space Exploration
A new decentralized space venture has recently begun, formed by a recent partnership with BitNation and Spacechain. R.O.S.S. (Race to Open Source Space) is a small rocket being prepared by the two teams. The mission of the program is to compete directly with space operations owned and operated by the nation states and private businesses.
Bitnation Space Agency is operated by the SpaceChain Organization
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