Bitnation ( is the authoritative body of the Bitnation Space Agency, with Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof as the executive director.

Bitcoin Inc. is the main component manufacturer of the space agency.
The founder and CEO is the space agency’s CTO, Morgan Rockwell.

SpaceChain Space Program ( is in charge of all space and science related tasks of the Bitnation Space Agency, with Iman Mirbioki as executive director and operative officer.

Bitnation Bank and Financial Services ( is the monetary body of the Bitnation Space Agency.
Bitnation Bank and Financial Services is responsible for funding the projects and missions of the Space Agency.
Iman Mirbioki is the Chief Security Officer (CSO).

SpaceBit ( is the cooperating space agency that is founded by Pavlo Tanasyuk.
SpaceBit Space Agency is currently functioning as a reserve in case of an emergency and will take over a mission if the Bitnation Space Agency is compromised because of a failure.

Jerry & Company AB is the manufacturer of our heavy equipment.

Any mission that involves traveling or sending payloads to Earth orbit and outer space is a complex process involving a multitude of stakeholders from different companies and organization..

Bitnation Space Agency (BSA) not only applies redundancy in technology, but also strives to do the same in organizational matters. Hence, to minimize risks, it is important that every mission is secure, well funded and precisely directed in every part.

Bitnation Space Agency is operated by the SpaceChain Organization
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