What is SpaceChain?
SpaceChain is like Blockchain for space.
To really simplify it, Blockchain is like an OS, running on many computers worldwide, in a decentralized network.
Bitcoin, was the first "app" to "run" on the Blockchain - which was followed by over a thousands other virtual currencies, or services like Smart contracts, that uses Blockchain in order to work.

SpaceChain is built on the top of the Blockchain source-code, and modified for applications in the space industry. Bitnation Space Agency, is just like Bitcoin once was for Blockchain, the first "app" to use SpaceChain in order to create a decentralized and transparent space agency with an open-source ideology, with the goal to make space travel as DIY-friendly as possible, available without restrictions to any individual, at any time.

Anyone is welcome to register an account and join our projects, or propose projects to be carried out - our policy is that anyone, with an interest in space, should be able to join a space agency, without any kind of discrimination.

The agency is non-profit, with its HQ based in Stockholm, Sweden, under Bitnation jurisdiction and a part of Bitnation Pangea.
Bitnation is also the authoritative body of SpaceChain, regulating missions, funding and support.

If you are looking for Spacechain Foundation, which is a private space agency, please go to spacechain.com
We are not connected to the SpaceChain Foundation in any way.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We do NOT and CAN NOT impose or ratify any sanctions on the SpaceChain network, by any nation or entity, like the U.N, E.U or the U.S, regarding any kind of civilian or military strategical/non-strategical items restricted by the affected sanction or sanctions, to any countries at all.
Please understand that SpaceChain is a fully automated system, and it is physically impossible to stop a certain entity or group to use it.
The Swedish company SpaceChain has nothing to do with the network itself, nor have any influence over how it is used.
We cannot or have administrative access to "transactions" over the SpaceChain network,

You can read more about our mission and cause here.
Our Five-years plan is available for you to read.
We are fully crowd-funded. If you want to donate to the open-source space exploration, please visit "Investors".

For the latest development, information and contact, please visit us our Facebook-page.
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Otherwise, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/spacechain

Bitnation Space Agency is operated by the SpaceChain Organization
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